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A Complete List of Mormon Women Who Became Famous

Elizabeth Morgan

Last Update April 19th, 2017

If you're anything like us, we get excited every single time an ordinary Mormon woman (or man) becomes famous! The ladies in this post inspire us, represent the church well by being great examples, and entertain us. Have anyone you recommend adding to this list? Comment below and let us know. 

1. Al Fox Carraway

author of more than a tattooed mormon book

Al Fox is a convert to the LDS church, author, speaker, and blogger. Her conversion story can be found here

2. Whitney Fredette

 Jimmer Fredette's wife Whitney

Whitney is known for being married to NBA basketball player Jimmer Fredette. They both went to BYU for college where he played basketball and she was a cheerleader.

Her Instagram
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3. Hailey Devine

co-owner of somewhere devine

Hailey is a blogger who travels a lot and has great fashion sense. It is so fun to follow her family on their adventures around the world through their blog and social media accounts.

Her Instagram
Her Twitter
Her website

4. Ashley Gardner

Mother of quadruplets on tlc's Rattled

Ashley and her husband Tyson had quadruplet baby girls and were featured on the TLC show Rattled. She is also a blogger and vlogger on their website.

5. Stephenie Meyer

Author of the Twilight book series

Stephenie is the author of the very famous Twilight book series. She has also written other books, including The Host and The Chemist.

Her Instagram
Her Twitter
Her website

6. Carmen Rasmusen

country singer from American Idol

Carmen is famous for being a country singer. She was on the TV show American Idol in 2003. Some of her top songs include: Nothin' Like The Summer. Happy, and You Scare Me To Death. 

Her Website

7. Brooke White

Indie Pop singer from American Idol

Brooke is an Indie Pop singer who was on American Idol. She came in 5th place on the show. Here are some of her popular songs: Fly, Fly, Fly, Sun Up Sun Down, and Lucky Day.

Her Instagram
Her website

8. Lindsey Stirling

famous mormon violinist

Lindsey is a pop music violin artist with over 9.2 million subscribers on YouTube. She was on America's Got Talent in 2010, which you can see here and was told that she's very unique and talented. She became famous because she persevered. Some of her most popular songs include Shatter Me, Crystallize, and Roundtable Rival.

Her YouTube channel
Her website

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