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How Do Fashion Bloggers Make Money? - 5 Proven Strategies

by Elizabeth Morgan 4 min read

Today you're going to learn how fashion bloggers make money. Specifically, I'll show you 5 ways fashion bloggers get paid. Let's dive right in.

Hello! My name is Karli Ellis and I’m the creator and writer behind the Modest Fashion Blog, Everyday Ellis ( Back in the fall of 2015, I started a teacher fashion account on Instagram where I would post my daily outfit from work.

Each day at work I would have someone ask me where I bought my outfit, and many times these people had never heard of the local boutiques I shopped at. I thought my Instagram account could be the perfect place to share with other teachers where to shop for affordable and stylish teacher outfits.

I remember hearing that bloggers made money, but I didn’t follow many fashion bloggers before this point, so I didn’t see the potential my account had. I was doing it strictly for fun and a way to get my creative juices flowing in regards to fashion.

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A few weeks into starting my account, and as I began to follow many other fashion bloggers, I realized that smaller bloggers were getting clothing items sent to them for free. I told my husband that my one goal with my blog was to have one clothing item sent to me that I would have bought anyway.

Little did I know, there is much more potential than just one free item. Over the last few years I have been able to grow my Instagram account, create a blog to go along with that account, and make an actual income from my job as a blogger. So today I decided to give you the inside scoop about how fashion bloggers earn money.

1. Sponsored Posts

Sponsored content is the way that I currently make the most money. A sponsored post is when a brand pays a blogger/influencer to blog about their product. The company will send you a product (such as a new dress they are launching) to try out and then pay you to promote it across your social media sites and blog.

Charging companies is crucial in sponsored posts because your time and influence is extremely valuable. I spend an average of 5-7 hours for each of the blog posts I create. Many people wonder when they can start charging companies, and I highly suggest you charge as soon as possible.

Take a few trade jobs as a test run, but everyone has influence and the time you take to create a blog post is worth being paid for. Don’t settle and know your worth. Make sure to only take on sponsored posts of companies and/or items you truly use and love. You want to make sure your audience trusts you and your opinions.

Make sure you read Alexis' tips for getting sponsored posts.

2. Affiliate Marketing

My next highest option for making money when it comes to my blog is through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is when a blogger posts a link or a discount code in association with a company, and earns money back on each purchase that used their affiliate links.

Some affiliate marketing agencies require a certain number of followers or page views, but some local boutiques have their own affiliate programs that you can sign up for when you are first starting out. Always check out the website of your favorite companies to see if they offer affiliate marketing opportunities.

Get started with affiliate marketing by reading Amy's awesome guide

3. Ads

Another way I make money through my blog is by allowing ads to be placed on my website. You can do this through Google AdSense or offer companies the chance to place their own banner somewhere on your site. With AdSense, you'll make money per click on the ads.

Learn more about how Google Adsense works here

4. Selling Style Guides

Many fashion bloggers create style guides that people can purchase on their blog website. These can be whatever they feel would benefit their audience, such as a summer modest fashion guide, or a back to school style guide. These guides need to be in depth and offer a lot of tips, links, and photos to make it worth the cost.

5. Modeling

The final way I make money blogging is by modeling for local companies. These modeling gigs can be either a one-time thing, or an ongoing collaboration.

Modeling does take a lot of time out of your day with hair, makeup, driving to a location, and production time, so make sure to charge enough to make it worth your time. If you have a successful blog as well, you can even charge extra for your influence, even if you aren’t required to post for the company.

These 5 ways to make money as a fashion blogger are a great way to gain income from doing what you love. I suggest picking 1 or 2 to focus on when starting out. Take it one step at a time and then you can branch out. Remember not to let yourself be spread thin by trying to focus on too many ways to make money.

Do you have any questions about making money as a fashion blogger? Good luck and happy earnings!

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Elizabeth Morgan
Elizabeth Morgan

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