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12 Modest Easter Dresses Under $40

by Elizabeth Morgan 3 min read

Last Update May 4th, 2019

Easter is such a fun time to debut your new spring dress at church, a family celebration, or wherever you may go on Easter Sunday. The light, bright pastel colors are perfect for Easter. We've complied a list for you of beautiful, modest Easter dresses.

1. Jazz Striped Dress in Pink

light pink modest dress

This dress is so pretty and perfect for spring. The bodice is white with little black stripes and the skirt portion is light pink. It's a great pastel color for Easter.

Buy now - $35

2. Marilyn Jumper Dress

modest jumper dress

We can't get enough of the big bow on the back of this jumper dress! It is so feminine and gorgeous. It is mauve/pink colored and you could style it so many different ways.

Buy now - $36

3. Caroline Floral Dress

modest mint dress

The mint color of this dress is so light and easy on the eyes. The flowers are pretty subtle, but still there. 

Buy now - $36

4. Queensland Floral Dress

purple floral dress

The purple color of this dress reminds me so much of Easter eggs, Easter candy, and Easter baskets, so it's a no brainer that this is a great modest Easter dress. It has a really pretty floral print too.

Buy now - $36

5. Willow Floral Dress

lilac dress

This dress is lilac with little bits of white and teal. The big flowers are so pretty and awesome for spring.

Buy now - $24

6. Charlene Floral Dress

modest mauve dress

This dress has spring written all over it! The color is a bright mauve (pink and purple mix) and it has a really unique floral print on it. There are a lot of flowers on the bottom, and they get fewer as you go towards the top.

Buy now - $23

7. Emerson Button Dress

modest short sleeve dress

This is a nursing friendly Easter dress! It is mauve and has buttons all the way down that are functional. It has really pretty sections of lace throughout it that make it a dressier option.

Buy now - $26

8. Hawthorne Floral Dress

modest navy floral dress

This short sleeve dress is navy blue with fun, light blue flowers on it. It is a more bold floral dress and will be a showstopper.

Buy now - $36

9. Meredith Button Dress in Peach

modest peach dress

This dress is nursing friendly. The peach color is beautiful for spring and Easter. It has a cute tie at the waist and is a nice, midi length.

Buy now - $30

10. Meredith Button Dress in Sage

modest sage dress

The sage color of this dress is so fun for Easter. It is a soft color, but still stands out because of how beautiful it is. The buttons are on the side, which is a fun change from buttons in the middle. 

Buy now - $30

11. Nova Striped Dress

modest lilac dress

This striped dress is lilac and white. The lilac is so pretty and soft. It is midi length, which is great for moms who need to bend over and pick up kids at church, but still want to stay covered.

Buy now - $18

12. Belgium Floral Pocket Dress in Olive

modest olive green dress

The background on this dress is darker than your typical Easter dress, but the flowers make it so springy and pretty.

Buy now - $35

What dress will you be getting to celebrate your Easter day in?

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modest easter dresses

Elizabeth Morgan
Elizabeth Morgan

Elizabeth Morgan is the co-founder of Cleo Madison. When she's not blogging about modest fashion, she's taking care of her twins, going on walks with her husband, watching reality TV, and trying new vegan food.

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