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14 Modest Valentine's Day Outfits You'll Fall In Love With

by Elizabeth Morgan 4 min read

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Don't know what to wear on Valentine's Day this year? Here are 14 modest Valentine's Day outfits you can replicate to look cute for date night with your Valentine!

Modest Valentine's Day Outfit #1

Christine Andrew's cute valentine's day outfit.

This is such a fun, casual outfit by Christine from Hello Fashion. She is wearing a red sweater that has a white heart on it with loose, distressed jeans that are rolled up, and taupe colored pointy heels. Outfit ideas like this one are so festive!

Shop this look:

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  • Similar jeans here
  • Similar heels here

Outfit #2

Priscilla Morales' outfit is perfect for Valentine's Day

This is a more fancy Valentine's Day look that would be great for a date night with your Valentine. Priscilla from The Darling Style is wearing a black long sleeve shirt that is tucked into a red lace skirt that has a big bow on it. She also has on black open-toed heels.

Shop this look:

Outfit #3

Hannah's V Day outfit with pink pearl sweater and jeans

Hannah from Rose Lining is wearing such a cute and flirty outfit for Valentine's. She is wearing a light pink sweater that has pearls on it with dark, lightly distressed jeans, white slip-on shoes, and a tan purse.

Shop this look:

Outfit #4

Abby Smith's valentines day outfit featuring a sweater with hearts on it.

We can't get enough of this comfy look from Abby who blogs on Twist Me Pretty. She is wearing the cutest sweater that is cream with maroon hearts and some distressed medium-wash jeans.

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  • Similar sweater here
  • Similar jeans here

Outfit #5

Stylish Petite's outfit for Valentine's Day

Annie from Stylish Petite is wearing a Valentine's outfit that would be perfect for church the Sunday before Valentine's Day. She is wearing a long sleeve light pink top with a white pom pom skirt and pointy blush heels. This is a cute date night outfit.

Shop this look:

Outfit #6

Brit Allen's outfit for Valentine's Day.

Brit from Happily Ever Allen is wearing a more edgy looking outfit. She has on a big fluffy red jacket, a red beanie, a cream colored t-shirt, distressed black jeans, and black combat boots.

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Outfit #7

Kendall Kremer's Valentine's Day look

Kendall Kremer from Styled Snapshots has on a cute Valentine's outfit with a red sweater that has ruffles on the sleeves, black jeans, and leopard print flats. This is a great outfit if you have a cold winter where you live. This is a great outfit if you aren't sure what to wear for Valentine's Day dinner.

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  • Similar sweater here
  • Similar jeans here
  • Similar flats here

Outfit #8

Courtney Inkpen's outfit is one of the many great Valentine's Day Outfits featured in this post.

We love this more subtle V-Day look from Courtney at The Dainty Darling. She is such a beauty in her light pink a-line skirt that she is wearing with a white turtleneck sweater, a grey striped scarf, and taupe heels. This outfit is perfect if you're looking for date outfit ideas.

Shop this look:

Outfit #9

Jennifer Lake's Valentine's outfit featuring a ruffle top and blossom pleated skirt.

Jennifer Lake who blogs on Style Charade is giving off spring vibes with this modest Valentine's Day outfit. It's perfect for women who live in warm weather areas. Jennifer is wearing a skirt that is white with pretty, light pink flowers on it. She styled it with a white ruffle sleeve blouse, a pink purse, white sunglasses, pink fringe earrings, and cream colored heels.

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  • Similar shoes here
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Outfit #10

Leanne Barlow's outfit is perfect for Valentines

LeAnn Barlow from Elle Apparel Blog is wearing a maroon top with a blush pleated midi skirt, and blush heels. It's such a pretty outfit!

Shop this look:

Outfit #11

Veronica's Vday outfit featuring a heart sweater, red jeans, and red heels

Veronica from Lombard & Fifth is wearing a great outfit for a Galentine's day celebration with your friends! She has on a white sweater that has a big red heart in the middle. She paired it with red skinny pants and pointy red heels.

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  • Similar sweater here
  • Similar pants here
  • Similar heels here

Outfit #12

Sophie Seddon's casual Valentine's Day outfit

Sophie Seddon has fun street style with her Valentine's Day outfit. She is wearing a red turtleneck sweater, red plaid pants, a black belt, and black boots.

Shop this look:

Outfit #13

Merrick White's Valentine's Day look.

Merrick White is wearing a more dressy outfit that is super feminine. She has on a red skirt, a blush button-down shirt, tan heels, and a chunky necklace. If you're wondering what color to wear on Valentine's Day, then why not wear red and blush!

Shop this look:

Outfit #14

Nightchayde's outfit for Valentine's day

Cayli's (Nightchayde), Valentine's Day outfit is less traditional since it is black and white. She is wearing a black and white plaid dress with a button-down shirt over it. Her shirt is white with little black hearts on it and she tied it up. She is also wearing heels that are black with silver in the toe area.

Shop this look:

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Elizabeth Morgan
Elizabeth Morgan

Elizabeth Morgan is the co-founder of Cleo Madison. When she's not blogging about modest fashion, she's taking care of her twins, going on walks with her husband, watching reality TV, and trying new vegan food.

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