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18 Must-Have Stocking Stuffers For Fashion Lovers

by Elizabeth Morgan 3 min read

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The holiday season is here, which means it's time to start thinking about stocking stuffers and gift ideas. Each stocking stuffer in this post will be perfect for the women in your family who want to be in style. These are all fun ideas for stocking stuffers for women this Christmas.

Stocking Stuffer For Women Idea #1 - Faux Leather Earrings


Leather earrings make great gifts because they are affordable and lightweight.

Get them here.

2. Tory Burch Pink Watch

We love this light pink watch. It is super feminine and would be so fun to have in your stocking.

Get it here.

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3. Floral Headband

This pack of 4 headbands is perfect. They fit nicely into a stocking and the different color choices are exciting.

Get them here. 

4. Large Hoop Earrings 

Gold hoop earrings are very on-trend right now. This pack of 3 colors makes for really good holiday gifts.

Get them here.

5. Scrunchies

These scrunchies make for fun Christmas gifts. They are super cute and fashionable.

Get them here.

6. Leopard Print Beanie

Leopard print is very trendy right now. I love how it can go with any colors since it's neutral.

Get it here.

7. Sunglasses

Sunglasses can really make an outfit come together. They're also a fun gift to receive.

Get them here.

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8. Hair Clips

Hair clips will make any outfit instantly look more fancy and put-together.

Get them here.

9. No Show Socks

Socks can really throw off the look of an outfit, so no show socks are really important.

Get them here.

10. Gemstone Stacking Rings

These gemstone rings are beautiful and dainty. I recommend getting them for a mom and choosing the birthstones of each of her children.

Get them here.

11. Gloves

Outdoor photo shoots can make your hands freeze. If the person you're shopping for has cute gloves like these, they'll be able to just wear them for their pictures.

Get them here.

12. Fabric Shaver

It is the worst when your clothes are full of lint and who knows what else. This fabric shaver will solve that problem and keep your fashion loving family member looking fresh.

Get it here.

13. Personalized Bar Necklace

I love to shop for personalized items like these bar necklaces. You can have them say anything you want and they are really meaningful.

Get it here.

14. Faux Fur Earmuffs

Gifts like these earmuffs are so fun! They are useful and unique looking.

Get them here.

15. Ponytail Beanie

One thing I don't like about beanies is that it's weird to wear them with your hair up. These ponytail beanies solve that problem though! You'll want to add this to your list of stocking stuffer ideas for the people you know.

Get them here.

16. Bandana Scarves

Bandana scarves are so versatile. You can wear them many different ways in your hair or around your neck.

Get them here.

17. Nail Polish

This set of nail polish comes with a lot of color options. There will always be a color that works for your fashionista friend's outfit.

Get it here. 

18. Lip Balm

Beauty products like this make good gifts because they are small and everyone loves them.

Get it here.

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Elizabeth Morgan
Elizabeth Morgan

Elizabeth Morgan is the co-founder of Cleo Madison. When she's not blogging about modest fashion, she's taking care of her twins, going on walks with her husband, watching reality TV, and trying new vegan food.

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