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15 Modest Summer Dresses You Should Own In 2020

by Elizabeth Morgan 3 min read

A girl can never have enough dresses, right? Here's a list of 15 modest summer dresses you should have for the 2020 summer!
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Modesty: It Might Not Mean What You Think It Means

by Jennifer Wise 5 min read

Most women believe that "modesty" means being covered. It's often talked about in terms of location or amount-- skirts to (or below) the knee, shirts with sleeve caps that cover the shoulder, etc. Jennifer Wise digs deep and explains what it's all about.

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Why Is Modesty So Important?

by Lori Jackson 4 min read

Lori Jackson, owner of Choosing Wisdom, explains that modesty is so important because it provides you with security, guidance, comfort, and helps you feel closer to your Savior.
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31 Easy Modest Halloween Costumes You'll Love

by Elizabeth Morgan 9 min read

Halloween is coming soon, so it’s time to start thinking about costume ideas. Halloween seems to be an excuse for women to show a lot of skin. For women who dress modestly, it can be a challenge to find or make a modest Halloween costume. We’ve searched everywhere to find these super cute and modest Halloween costumes for women!
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7 Easy Modest Fashion Hacks

by Blaze Ann Carbonell 3 min read

Shopping for modest clothes can be a struggle sometimes. You can browse around a store for hours and come out with nothing but disappointment because all of the skirts and dresses were too short, clothes were too tight, and the list goes on. I will be sharing 7 modest hacks that you can try!

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How Different Religions Around The World Define Modesty

by Elizabeth Morgan 12 min read

In this roundup, 22 women that belong to the following religions: Mormonism, Christianity, Mennonite, Islam, Hinduism and Orthodox Judaism, were asked how they defined modesty. 

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