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19 Returned Missionaries Give You Their Best Mission Advice

by Elizabeth Morgan 18 min read

I spent hours combing through groups on Facebook, Mormon Archipelago, Mormon Blogosphere, and others looking for returned missionary bloggers. I asked them the following question: "What is your best advice for future missionaries?" Here are the 19 responses that I gathered.

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How To Dress Modestly In The Summer

by Elizabeth Morgan 7 min read

Summer is in full swing and the temperatures are up! It can be really challenging to stay cool and still be modest. Aqeelah from Fashion Breed has a new video with some really valuable tips for dressing modestly in the summer.
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What Is Modest Swimwear?

by Elizabeth Morgan 5 min read

In this post, you'll read how I define modest swimwear, get a brief history of 20th century swimwear (1900 to present), and see all of the available modest swimwear options out there.
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What Makes A Great Nursing Friendly Dress?

by Elizabeth Morgan 4 min read

Here we'll talk about the five attributes that make up a great nursing friendly dress, tell you what your options are, and talk about some brands that design nursing friendly clothes.
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16 LDS Modest Fashion Bloggers You'll Love Following

by Elizabeth Morgan 4 min read

Here you'll find an ever growing list of LDS fashion bloggers and their Instagram accounts that we compiled after asking hundreds of Latter-Day Saint women who their favorite modest fashion bloggers were.
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12 Perfect Gift Ideas For LDS Sister Missionaries

by Elizabeth Morgan 9 min read

Sister missionaries need gifts too whether it's for their birthday or the holidays! Coming up with ideas of what to get anyone for these special times can often be a struggle. In addition to our suggestions, we spent lots of time reaching out to sisters who have served and we've shared their responses in hope that it will help you.
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