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About Us

Adam and Elizabeth Morgan are the founders of

Welcome to! I'm Elizabeth and I own & operate CLEO MADISON, an online clothing boutique, alongside my husband Adam. 

Ever since getting married, I struggled with finding modest clothing. Skirts and dresses never seemed to be quite long enough. Shirts were often sheer, didn't come up high enough in the front or had wide collars. Even, if by some odd chance that I did find some, they were really expensive or not very stylish.

Shopping in Utah, you're very limited on what you can buy and wear. What are your options when you can't find what you need? At one point, I was completely fed up with the whole process and decided to sew my own skirt. It wasn't very convenient and extremely time consuming.

In spring of 2016, Adam and I decided to help other women who felt the same. Our goal here is to help you find cute and affordable clothing with up to date styles that match your clothing needs and are good quality.

You'll find that by shopping here, clothing can be fun and you can show your personality without compromising your values. I handpick each item we sell and often keep some for myself! 

We're always working to find the best modest clothing for our customers. Feedback is important to us, so please let us know if you’re hoping for an item to be restocked, are interested in different colors, or have anything else you want us to know.

You already know we love clothes, but these are our other passions:
Travel, cats, fitness, vegan food, roller blading, Halloween, and basically all of the other holidays too.



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