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Welcome to Cleo Madison, Your Destination For Cute Modest Clothing

Modesty is always in style! Here you'll find a large selection of affordable clothes, such as dresses, shirts, skirts, swimsuits and more to come! Are you a Mormon woman that's having a tough time finding clothes that aren't revealing, provocative, indecent, boring and expensive? You're not alone. Liz, our store's co-owner, struggled with this too, so much that she, along with her husband, decided to do something about it!


Everything You Need To Dress Modestly!


These are our favorite because modest dresses are just so hard to find! Ours are knee length or longer (including midi and maxi), have high collars and make great outfits to dress up or dress down for casual or formal events. You'll feel comfortable in them because you won't be worried about your chest showing. We have different types of dresses that range from solid colors to floral and stripes. As a bonus, some even have pockets. What girl doesn't love a dress with pockets? 


All of our cute tops are a normal length, have sleeves. and will cover your midriff. You'll love our new and old shirts. We have a variety of styles, which include pockets, stripes, and floral. 


They go below the knee. We have both tight and loose fitting styles.


Get ready for summer with our assortment of one and two piece swim suits, monokinis, midkinis, high necked swim tops and high waisted bikini bottoms. Our midkini tops come with removable pads. All of our bottoms are lined so they're not transparent. They're thick which means they don't wear our easily. They also come with a removable liner to protect against germs. 

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