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Three Problems With "Modern Modesty"

by Rebekah Joy 4 min read

From Elizabeth: This is a guest post from Rebekah Joy.

Hi Ladies!

My name is Rebekah Joy, and I am the blogger behind Modesty has been the hot topic on my blog lately, especially with the recent release of my new E-Book, Radiant Modesty: Embracing God's Design for the Clothing We Wear.

I happen to be increasingly passionate about the topic of modesty, because I see the lack and decline of modesty in our culture, especially in our churches! It's a sad day when Christians begin to dress like the world and no longer hold onto high standards of modesty, dress, and appearance. Our clothing says a LOT about us. It's important that we reflect Jesus Christ in everything we say, do and wear!

These days, there is a very common phrase attached to modesty... many ladies refer to their modest dress as a form of “modern modesty”. While I completely understand the need to bring modesty into our modern day appearance, there are some serious problems with the “modern modesty” fad. Today I want to share some of the dangers and problems I see with “modern modesty” and how we can avoid them.

Let's get started!

Three Problems with “Modern Modesty”

1. Modern Modesty is Based on the World's Idea of Modesty

Unfortunately, many young women see how the world dresses, and they feel pretty good because they are certainly “modest in comparison”. However, just because a woman dresses “modestly” in comparison to the world, does not mean that she is actually dressing modestly!

We cannot base our decisions about modesty based on what the world believes or says is modest. Many young women think that as long as they are wearing a skirt or dress on Sunday morning, they are good to go. What they fail to realize, is that many dresses and skirts hanging in the stores today are far from modest!

2. Modern Modesty Does Not Always Line Up With Biblical Principles

Because “modern modesty” is often based on the world's opinion of modesty, many women fail to acknowledge or withhold biblical principles about dress. The Bible does not always give cut and dry answers about clothing – but biblical principles that apply to dress and appearance are ready and waiting to be found in the Word of God! Let me share just two principles that are often ignored by “modern modesty” fads...

Separation from the world

God wants his people to be separate from the world – to act, talk, walk, and dress like a child of God!

See 2 Cor. 6:17 and James 1:27.

Covering the thighs

In God's Word we see that revealing the thigh (or too much leg) is associated with shame and nakedness and yet, modern day modesty fashions just keep getting shorter!

See Exodus 28:42 and Isaiah 47:2-3

If we aren't careful, we will allow the world to define our standards of modesty, instead of searching the Word of God and allowing the Bible to define our modesty standards.

3. Modern Modesty Pushes the Boundaries

In churches on Sundays, and all over the internet, we see young women pushing the boundaries of modesty.

Girls are getting as close to the edge as they can. If they only knew that their actions are revealing a heart of rebellion.

Skirts and dresses that once came well below the knee are getting shorter and shorter, revealing more skin and more “nakedness” (Isaiah 47:2-3).

At one time, tight and form-fitting clothing was considered immodest, but now it's the norm. However, revealing the exact shape and form of your body entirely defeats the purpose of clothing in the first place.

Another startling thing, is that women who generally embrace modesty think nothing of wearing sexy, strappy, and high-heeled shoes that immediately draw attention to her feet and legs.

What we need to do, is stop pushing the boundaries and limits of modesty. Instead of trying to figure out how far we can go, we should choose to be as unquestionable modest as possible! It's hard to find modest clothing, but God is pleased when we dress in modest apparel to please Him above all!

Final Thoughts

So how can we avoid the faults of modern modesty?

  • We need to turn to the Word of God to find out what He has to say about modesty! If we search and dig for the answers we will find them!
  • We must STOP looking to the world for ideas of modest fashion. Instead we should be asking godly ladies (pastors wives, teachers) how we can embrace biblical modesty.
  • We must educate ourselves on the topic of modesty and learn how to clothe ourselves in truly modesty apparel (1 Tim. 2:9-10). We can educate ourselves by studying the Word of God and reading good books on the subject of modesty.

I believe that modesty is MUCH more important than most women realize, it's time to stop embracing the world's ideas and start embracing God's design for the clothing we wear!

To Learn More About Modesty...

Here are some resources from my blog that can help you learn more about the topic of modesty:

Thanks so much for reading this post... and thank you Cleo Madison for allowing me to write this guest post!

With Love,
Rebekah Joy

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Rebekah Joy
Rebekah Joy

I’m just an average young woman with a desire to live a radiant and joyful life in Christ. I’m still learning how to live each day in the light of my Savior Jesus Christ…reflecting His love and His joy to the world around me. I started More Radiance to share helpful articles, inspire, and encourage you in your walk with God.

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