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9+ LDS Modest Fashion Bloggers You'll Love Following

Elizabeth Morgan

Last Update July 26th, 2017

Are you following any fashion blogs? Well, you should be! We all need them in our lives so we know to style all of the cute clothes we buy. Here you'll find an ever growing list of LDS fashion bloggers and their Instagram accounts that we compiled after asking hundreds of Latter-Day Saint women who their favorite modest fashion bloggers were. Just by following a few of their posts, you'll quickly find that Mormon women can be modest, stylish, and fashionable - which is what we all want, right? 

1. Karli Ellis

Owner of Every Day Ellis

(Featured in our Karli Pencil Skirt in Black)

What's not to love about Karli?! We love her and her audience loves her for her spunky and fun personality. Just read any of her posts and you'll see that it shines through in them. 

Her blog

Her Instagram

2. Emily Smith

Blogger behind Our Lovely Deseret

(Featured in our Emily Long Sleeve Dress)

"She's positive, very supportive of her husband (I believe he coaches high school football and she's always at his games), she works hard, and she's getting her MBA! She's a good example to me."

Her blog

Her Instagram

3. Keara Brady

Modest Style blogger and owner

(Featured in our navy Stella Peplum Dress)

Keara is the perfect account to follow when you need help putting together cute modest outfits. Her love for putting together ootd (outfit of the day) posts and her deep belief of modesty led her to start blogging. 

Her blog

Her Instagram

4. Kilee Nickels

Picture of the owner of One Little Momma

"I love how open and honest she is. She runs her own business on top of being a mom of young kids (which I hope to do soon myself as well), and she shares things as they really are. Her style is fun, love her hair, and I love her approach to managing life and being a mom."

Her blog 

Her Instagram

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5. Merrick White

The fashion blogger behind Merrick's Art

"I like Merricks Art because her clothing is less expensive, almost always garment friendly, and she does DIY sewing tutorials!"

"Obsessed with her!"

"She was my neighbor in Utah and she is such a talented seamstress!"

Her blog

Her Instagram

6. Emily Jackson

Emily Jackson blogs at The Ivory Lane

"I like Ivory Lane because her blog is higher end and better for dressier occasions. She is also a marathon runner and I am currently trying to up my mileage."

Her blog

Her Instagram

7. Amber Fillerup Clark

Amber Fillerup Clark is the barefoot blonde

"I feel like she has more style - not more style - like a wider style? Like she can be edgy and wear black and leather and chokers and the next day wear pink fluffy things. I also love how she changes her hair styles a lot. I guess just overall she has a wider, more broad sense of style than most other bloggers."

Her blog

Her Instagram

8. Corrine Stokoe

Modest fashion blogger Corrine Stokoe

"She is really trendy and stylish and so effortless in her modesty, which is what I love."

Her blog

Her Instagram

9. Shannon Willardson

GBO Fashion owner and blogger

"She's in my old ward. She's a great person and has great taste. She covered maternity wear when she was pregnant too."

Her blog

Her Instagram

10. Rachel Sayumi Porter

Owner of Rachel Sayumi

"I love how the pieces she chooses to wear and present on her blog are affordable. A lot of bloggers I see wear overly expensive clothing and accessories that most people can't afford."

"She's also a super talented watercolor artist, and I love seeing the images she creates on her Instagram."

Her blog

Her Instagram

11. Chelsie Carr

beauty blogger behind hey there chelsie

"She was my roommate and I love her haha."

"The reviews she does of various items, and she tells you exactly where she gets every piece of her outfits."

Her blog

Her Instagram

12. Sydney Poulton

sydney poulton who blogs at the day book blog

"Sydney at The Daybook. She's a great writer too."

"I like that, despite a long commitment to dressing "modestly," she still maintains a sense of style that doesn't seem to be primarily modest, if that makes sense. It's not in-your-face, preachy modest. :)"

"She's also been writing for a long time and has tons of archives, so you get to see a progression in her style and her life. When the blog started, she was a student at BYU-I. Now she has two kids and is firmly in that stage of life."

Her blog

Her Instagram 

Who are some of your favorite Mormon fashion bloggers and why? If we've missed any, let us know and we'll add them to the list.

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